nrg2iso 1.2

Turn NRG images into ISO files
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Converts virtual disk images from the Nero-specific NRG format into the more popular ISO one and displays the size of the output file in bytes.

The “nrg2iso” application is a very small and simple utility that lets you convert the NRG disc image files that the well-known Nero disc management software creates and uses, to the more common ISO format. Since ISO is a widely-used disc image format and standard that most disc image management applications support, converting to this format will often solve the compatibility issues that the NRG format can encounter.

The “nrg2iso” program is a minimalistic tool that offers nothing else but a window where you can select the input NRG file. You can’t even choose a specific output destination or the name of the resulting ISO file. Batch conversion is also out of discussion. The only additional feature that this tiny application offers is a small notification window that tells you how many bytes were written as a result of the conversion. Personally, I think the usefulness of this feature is also rather doubtful. I would have preferred some basic additional options like the ones that I mentioned above on the list of the missing ones. Anyway, in terms of reliability, nrg2iso passes the test. As small, simple, and basic as it is, the program managed to convert the NRG files to ISO without any problem.

Since it’s also free, I’d say nrg2iso is worth a try. It gets the job done and it can be used with ease by anyone.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very small and lightweight
  • Free
  • Easy-to-use


  • Lacks any additional options
  • Looks unpolished and outdated
  • Doesn't support any other formats
  • Doesn't support batch conversions
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